Integrated Curriculum

Children are born learners. They are always full of curiosity and have the desire to explore. Their ideas flow unlimitedly and they are embedded with so much potential. Our responsibility is to provide the opportunities for them to address their questions, share their big ideas, experiment, exploration and have tons of fun through their play and interactions. The curriculum aims to provide a total unique experience that will promote and foster a child’s development and growth holistically.


Provision of Mother Tongue Languages

Living in a multi-lingual society, we encourage children to strengthen their mother tongue. On top of our main language focus, the English Language, we do offer Mandarin and Malay.


Integrated Learning with Information & Technology (IT)

Moving towards a smart-nation, we have included the use of various technologies to be integrated into our daily activities. A robotics component will also be part of our curriculum.


Baby Spa

Parents can also expect their infants to be pampered with our baby spa services. We have an in-build baby spa equipment in our centre for infants to participate in water exercises.


Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes will start at 5pm, after curriculum hours and will be held within the centre. Global Child Development Centre @ Tampines selects the enrichment classes offered.


Amenities at our centre