Infant Care (2 months – 17+ months)

Our infant care programme provides infants the opportunity to grow holistically. We strongly believe in the authentic relationship between infants and their caregivers as attachment plays a major role in supporting the infants’ growth. In our conducive environment, together with our infant educators, we ensure our infants receive the best caregiving practices.

Infants will be promoted to the Toddler class after they turn 18 months old. The promotion will only take place on the first of the following month.


Childcare (18 months – 6+ years)

Our childcare programme offers the children a dynamic and meaningful experience. For Toddler and Playgroup classes, we focus on the development of our child’s ability to self-regulate and understand on their daily routines. Our nurturing practices are geared towards giving our children  a platform to be themselves, and explore the world they  live in.

Toddler: 18 months – 2 years

Playgroup: 2 1/2 years – 3 years


For children in Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and 2 classes, we introduce the fundamental skills and knowledge to prepare the children for life. This will be done through our daily activities, which embody 6 different developmental domains. We also aim to provide planned and incidental learning opportunities for the children as this would make learning fun and meaningful.

Nursery: 4 years

Kindergarten 1: 5 years

Kindergarten 2: 6 years


School Fees